Thursday, August 2, 2012

Belated Birthday Dessert for hubby

Hello everyone :D

My husband's birthday was in July, and we kind of celebrated it in NY, but I haven't done much this year, and wanted to make a BD dessert for him. Right before July ended, I finally got the time to make it, so here it is!

My husband requested "a plum dessert", so I've been thinking what I should do with plums for a while, and this is what I did.

Almond tart with plums on the bottom. This almond cream is made with egg white with an unique method.

Then follows the red dessert wine mousse. Then layered some sauteed plums on the top, coated with white wine gelee.

Looks like this from the top. 
Plated with plum sauce and sauted & caramelized plum wedges.

Plums are in season, and the ones I got from the local farmer's market were really tasty!!!

Without using any sweetner in the sauce, it was sweet enough from its natural flavor.

My husband really liked it, and I was happy, too. Glad that I at least could make it before August has arrived.

Happy happy belated birthday hubby :D

Have a nice day everyone :D

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