Monday, May 19, 2014

Anniversary, Flowers, and Ice Cream

Good morning everyone :D

Last week, my husband and I celebrated our 11th year wedding anniversary.

We simply exchanged flowers and cards, then went to have a very nice dinner at our favorite restaurant.

Then got some flowers at a garden center so we can replace the flower pot at the entrance of our house.

I think we made a pretty good choice.  The old flowers in the pot is now replaced in a different one and set at the backyard, so we can continue enjoying them : )

For our anniversary, we also got this new ice cream maker!

The usual icecream maker for home uses have to have the inner container freezed overnight before using, but this one comes with a motor in the machine, so no need for it.

On the anniversary day, I made my first batch of strawberry vanilla icecream. All the ingredients I used are organic, and had turned out pretty well.

When I used to work at a restaurant, we made all ice cream in the house, so can't wait to try out my next one soon.

It went up over 100F last week, so Ice cream will be a good choice as a dessert!

Okay, time to go. Let's have a happy starting of a new week, and I will write about our anniversary dinner maybe tomorrow. Thanks for visiting :D

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