Sunday, May 25, 2014

Anniversary Dinner 2014 @ n/naka

Hello everyone :D

It's a memorial weekend in the US, and we are invited to a BBQ on the Memorial Day, so looking forward to the event. Nice relaxing weekend!

On our wedding anniversary last week, my husband and I went to our favorite Modern Japanese restaurant in LA called n/naka. This is our third year celebrating our anniversary at this restaurant.

They have two courses to choose from ; a modern kaiseki, or vegetarian. We chose the regular modern kaiseki course which comes with thirteen great dishes.

The service was great, they remembered what we had for drink last year, and told me to take many photos, so I quickly took pictures of each course. Enjoy some of the photos!

Many seafood ingredients were from Japan, and the veggies from the chef's garden. Everything was fresh with great flavor, and each course was served in perfect timing. At the end, we both were pleasantly full, and having our mini photo taken as a gift was a great service.

We really had a great time, and are hoping to celebrate our next anniversary here, too.

Thank you for visiting, and pleae enjoy your weekend :D

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