Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fresh wild blueberry pie

Good afternoon, everyone:D

We were invited to a friend's BBQ party, so I've decided to bring a dessert using blueberries since I found a jar of handmade blueberry jam my mother in law made with the wild blueberries she handpicked in MI.

This blueberry jam is less sweet compared to the ones you get in stores. It has a very natural flavor.

First baked a pie shell with little acorns on the edges.

Then heated up the jam, added bloomed gelatin, followed by fresh blueberries. Before the fresh blueberries are cooked through, removed from heat, and poured into the pie shell.


The strength of the gelatin was just right that it held its shape when I cut into it, but still let the blueberries fell in pieces when eating with folks.

Accompanied with lightly whipped chantilly cream with vanilla beans, everyone really enjoyed it after the delicious and fun BBQ dinner.

Thanks for visiting, and see you soon!

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