Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First back yard BBQ of the year

Hello hello!
It's a sunny beautiful morning here in Southern California. A day like this makes me happy :D

After preparing for the BBQ, our guests arrived with beautiful dishes besides the veggies and the hod dogs I asked them to bring over.
Aren't they beautiful? Seared Tuna salad, Shrimp ball, etc.
The dishes brightened the color on the patio table. Thank you!!!

Veggies were cut beautifully, even the corns arrived already wrapped in foil. This saves so much time when entertaining. I was very grateful:)
Since I was too busy hosting, couldn't take many photos of the dishes or the grilling, but let me at least explain what we had. Grilled beef, Chicken legs, Salmon, different veggies, artichoke, etc. 

Our cute little guest with her favorite hat seemed to enjoy herself, too, so I was very happy. Holding here in my arms made me so happy! Little ones always make people happy happy.

As we were eating and drinking, it became dark and a little chilly outside, so we decided to have the dessert inside the house. Everyone was very full, but enjoyed my strawberry mousse tart and finished it. 

Our first BBQ of the year ended very yummy and happy, thanks to our friends. Thank you!!!

However, late at night, my husband started feeling sick with bad headache and dullness, and it was probably from inhaling the charcoal grilling smoke and not drinking enough water while drinking alcohol. It is always important to not forget taking water during summer. After sleeping for the night, my husband recovered and happily went to play golf the next day, so I was relieved. Please don't forget to drink water or sports drink everyone, and let's enjoy the summer season!!!

Have a nice day :D

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