Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June Table Setting with Antique Cups

Good evening everyone :D

I found some interesting looking tulips, so brought them home. Pink and pretty.

I usually try to change the table center monthly, so I used these tulips this month with my favorite antique cups.

 The items on the right are the things I used for this month's table.

After a while, I had to change the flowers, so chose bright reddish orange Carnashions. They were quite pretty as well :)

Another favorite part of this setting is the Federal cup I purchased at an Antique market a little while ago. I have a special memory for this pattern.

When I was a little child, used to sleep with a large towel with this same pattern on it, and could not let it go until it ripped at the end and had to get a new one. This pattern was my mother's favorite, too.

Usually I like using the antique dishes and cups in everyday life, but since this one means a lot to me, and is in a great condition, it will be displayed in my dish cabinet for a while.

June is about to finish already, so now trying to come up with a new setting for July.

Good night everyone! 

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