Saturday, June 2, 2012

Preparing our first backyard BBQ of the year

Hello everyone. It's a nice Saturday afternoon. I just took care of our roses in our front yard. Now they look prettier and clean, and making me happy looking at them :D Good way to spend a weekend, right?

Last Memorial weekend, we ended up not going for a trip, but got to invite a couple of friend families and had our first back yard BBQ of the year. Our guests asked me what we wanted them to bring over, so I asked one of them to bring some veggies, and the other some hotdog buns and hotdogs. When I first started entertaining people at home, I felt like I should be doing everything as a host, but now asking people to bring something easy so they will feel comfortable, and all of us can have more fun together.

For this BBQ, my husband and I got some meat, Salmon, made corn soup, and a dessert. 

An hour before the BBQ started, pulled out the meat from the refrigerator so they will come to a room temperature. Meat tastes better that way.

Salmon preparation is very easy, too. Julienne some onions (cut in thin strips), and slice brown mushrooms, place them on the bottom of the square pan, then lay the salted and peppered salmon over them. Put some fresh herbs on top of the salmon, cover with some foil, and after the guests arrive, start grilling them. Simple, but a very tasty dish. This time I used Sage, Thyme, Lemon Thyme, and Parsley picked from our garden.

For the dessert, made a strawberry mousse tart with fresh strawberries from the weekend farmer's market. Before the guests arrived, finished decorating the tart with Chantilly cream and placed it in the fridge, covered. Added some fresh color with putting a sprig of mint on the side of the strawberries.

The corn soup was already made the day before, so we were ready to welcome our guests with smile. No stress :) Well, this became long enough for today, so will write about the time with our guests in my next post.  

Have a great weekend, and thank you for visiting this blog everyone :D 

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