Monday, June 11, 2012

Red bean roll bread and steamed bun

 Hello everyone, the beginning of a new week. How was your weekend? I celebrated a couple of friends' birthday, and both of them were fun. Always happy to spend nice time with friends :D

The other day, I cooked some Azuki beans with Agave. After cooking it for a while, the Azuki turns into a paste, and this is called "Anko" in Japanese. To be honest with you, I was never a big fan of this Azuki paste since I was a child, but after tasting a very mildly sweetened one a few years ago, I started  to enjoy its flavor more.

First, I made some steamed bun with the "Anko" I made. It tuned out very moist and tasty, and my friend who tasted it really liked it.

Inside the bun looks like this.

Then I still had some "Anko" left, so decided to bake a roll filled with it. Here it is.
It turned out really well, even though this was my first time baking it. Inside of this one looks like below.

My husband liked it, and took it for his snack to work for a few days :)

In the past, I've only been baking non-Japanese style sweets and breads, but I think I will start experimenting some Japanese ones once in a while to broaden my recipes.

I will update them if I do.

Time to check my oven. See you soon everyone, and have a nice week!

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