Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A gift from a winery

Good evening everyone :D

I've been finding pretty flowers in interesting colors this month, ant that's making me very happy.

These Gerberts were one of my favorites. They brightened the dining area when I used them for the center piece.

Tonight, I would like to introduce you a tasty souvenier my friend couple gave me from their trip to Santa Barbara.
"Chocolate Hazelnut Melrot Truffle Fudge" from Gainey Vineyard.

I was told that my friend's husband tasted this and said "Wow, this is a perfect gift for Ako!" Yes, it really was because I cannot stop eating it when I spread it on crackers with cheese. It is light and creamy, easy to spread, and tastes exactly how its name explains :)

I had toasted English Muffin with this fudge spread, and also a confiture my friend sent from Japan.

This confiture is awesome, too. Fig with mint and vanilla. Doesn't it sound very attempting? It goes so well with cheese that you will want to start drinking some wine. It's a shame that I have such a low tolerance to alcohol, but maybe it was a good thing. Oh, well.

Anyway, both of them are tasty, and made me very happy. Not only because they taste good, but the fact that my friends thought of me when choosing them makes me feel very special and happy. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!

Time to go to sleep. See you tomorrow :D

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