Wednesday, May 16, 2012

9th Anniversary Dinner @ n/naka

Good morning :)
My husband and I went out for our 9th wedding anniversary dinner over the weekend. We had a few places we had in mind, and decided to go to n/naka this time because I enjoyed the dinner there when I went for my friend's birthday in February.

n/naka serves modern Japanese Kaiseki course menu. The authentic Japanese cuisine with French flare was just what both of us felt like, and was a perfect choice for the evening.

Enjoy the photos of the Chef's Tasting Course we had :D You can read the menu in their home page.


 The servers are very nice, and the chef comes to your table after the dinner. That is sweet, isn't it?

They also ask you if you dined there before to make sure the dishes won't overlap from your last experience. Very impressed.

If you get a chance, please make a reservation and dine at this cozy, but elegant restaurant. Bon appetite!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!
    Oh wow! n/naka is perfect for a special occasion. I am sure you two had so much fun!
    Those dishes look so yummy and beautiful!


    1. Ayu-chan,
      Thanks so much for your comment.
      You are my very first guest who gave me a comment for this blog!!!

      Yes, n/naka was a perfect place for our anniversary. Hope you get to go there, too!
      See you soon :D