Monday, May 28, 2012

Tasty gifts from Japan

Good afternoon everyone. It's the last day of the Memorial weekend. Have you been having fun?

My husband and I have been enjoying our long weekend. As we planned sharing good food with good friends, we are doing so, and being very happy :D

Today, my husband and his buddy have gone to play golf, so I am taking it easy,  updating my blog and working on some desk work I need to get done with. 

A little while ago, I received a couple of sweet packages from Japan. One of them was from my high school teacher, Ms. Hibino.  I sent her my hand made orange marmalade when I made some, and Ms. Hibino was nice enough to write me a thank you note with these tasty Japanese preserved seaweed cooked in soy and spicy young sardine. Both of them are very tasty when sprinkled over freshly cooked rice. 

It is nice to have something like these during busy time when I only want to finish my lunch simple and easy. Today is not a very busy day, but after the rich BBQ we had last night, this would be a perfect lunch for me.

Ms. Hibino, thank you very much for the delicious gifts and your thoughtful kindness! Both my husband and I are enjoying them :)

The second package was from one of my best friends, Kiyo. The main gift was packages of Dashi. Dashi is very important when you cook Japanese cuisine, and even though the best way is to make it from scratch, it is difficult and a little expensive doing so living in abroad. This one contains no MSG, and it does taste very good! Two thumbs up.
Several fun snacks were in this package, too. Some of them had seasonal special flavor, and was really fun to taste them.

Kiyo, thanks so much for your tasty and fun package, too. Hope you get to visit us one day soon :D

I am grateful to have special people in my life who care about us. Friends know what I like, too. Tasty food. Happy happy!

I have to go now, and will try to update the next one sooner than this time. (Do I say that every time? I mean it this time :D) Take care everyone.

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