Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ocean View Potluck Party

My husband and I were invited to a Potluck Party during the weekend, so we took the "Koguma Cake" I wrote about last time and some beverages.

This was the first time to visit our friends'  house where the party was held at, and I was very excited to see the beautiful settings and the ocean view from the window!

This is a true Californian life with a nice view, don't you think?  :D 
Sunset with Palm trees.

Table with natural lighting.

Of course, all the food tasted awsome.
Shrimp coated with Mayonnaise sauce, Bagna Cauda sauce with fresh organic vegetables, "Norimaki" thin sushi rolls, and "Okonomiyaki" which is a Japanese savory pancake.

 I truly loved this pancake made in Osaka style, so I'll definitely try this method next time making it at home : ) I think the secret is to use less flour, and add "Yamaimo", a Japanese yam potato.
Everyone also liked my "Koguma Cake" for dessert, and that made my night.

With this group of people, we always have lots of fun, and by the end of the night, tears came out of our eyes from laughing too much.

Somehow, we ended up drawing some pictures, and competed who could draw well. Unfortunately, I was one of the worst ones out of the eight, but that's okay because it was a lot of fun, and that's the most important part, right?
Next time, it'll be our turn to host a party, and thinking of having our first BBQ of the season. See you soon everyone :D

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