Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Tango no Sekku" Children's Day Meal

Hello everyone. Time passes so quickly that I didn't notice it's been a while since I last updated this blog. Hope you all enjoyed your week and the weekend :)

May 5th is called "Tango no Sekku" which means children's day in Japanese culture. Since we don't have any children, didn't do anything special on the day, but I got to enjoy a special meal at the Japanese cuisine lesson I attended a few days ago.

I always enjoy attending this private Japanese cuisine class because I get to feel  both the Japanese culture and the seasonal taste through the dishes I learn.

After receiving the Culinary Arts degree and the Baking Certificate in the US, I gradually started to wish that I have studied more Japanese cooking method properly before I left my country. Now I've found a very special private teacher, and am grateful for that. I thank my friend who introduced me to the teacher, and thank the teacher who accepted my offer even though she wasn't up to it at the beginning. Thank you :D

This time, the main dish was "Tempura", a Japanese style fritter. The Tempura batter is lighter than the one used in usual fritter you taste in American or European cuisine. The tip is to use ice cold water to make the batter. 

We deep fried many different kinds of ingredients, and I found the apple and tomato tempura very interesting. Surprisingly, both of them tasted good and refreshing!

Another new dish to me was "Ume Kanten", pickled plum in agar agar. It looks like a dessert dish, but is actually savory with soy dashi soup poured around it. This would be a nice intermezzo dish during the meal.

Since the teacher was visiting Japan for a while, it had been a little while before we last met, and had so much to talk about. Before started cooking, during cooking, while eating, and after finishing, our talking was endless and very fun! It is always nice to have mentors who gives you advise in your life, and this teacher is one of them for me :) 

Thank you again for visiting this blog, and I will try to update the next one soon again. Have a nice day everyone :D

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