Sunday, April 29, 2012

Koguma (Golden Sweet Potato) Cake

The other day, I bought a bag of golden sweet potato at a Korean market and steamed them. They turned out very tender and sweet, and made me want to use it in some kind of sweets.

Then I thought "This would be a perfect chance for me to try making that Koguma Cake I sometimes order at Korean Cafes!"

Koguma means golden sweet potato in Korean language. When I first heard this name, I though the cake has something to do with a baby bear because Koguma in Japanese means baby bear.

Anyways, since me and my husband was invited to a weekend dinner party at our friends' place, I've decided to try making one for the occasion.

Between the sliced sponge cake, the creamy golden potato cream is sandwiched. Then the surface is decorated with chantilly cream which is whipped cream. Finally, the top is sprinkled with cake crumbs, sweet potato cream, chantilly cream, and chocolate.

The cream was rather soft, so I was a bit worried about cutting it into slices, but it turned out pretty well.
Since the sweet potato cream is made of custard and chantilly cream, it's a pretty rich cake even though it tastes delicate on your palette!

I was very happy to see my friends enjoying the cake after the dinner, and we ended up finishing the whole cake : )

I love when people smile while eating my sweets.  Thank you everyone :D

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