Sunday, April 8, 2012

The strawberry season has arrived!

Recently, the strawberries at the farmers market have become sweet with bright red color. It makes me really happy because I love the sweet and fresh taste of the strawberries in season :D The strawberry plants I got at the market are also growing with small berries, and can't wait for them to color up!

Not only good when eaten fresh, but they are also good for baking. One of my favorites is strawberry pound cake. The kitchen starts smelling great from the oven while baking them, and that makes me smile:D

I always enjoy my tea time with my favorite antique Fire King mug with a Strawberry Shortcake print. My costume for Halloween when I was 5 years old was strawberry shortcake, and she is my favorite character since then. Her recent look has changed since then, but I still like her.

Ooops, I have to go check on my oven right now, so that's up for today. 
Have a good evening everyone :)

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