Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rose mini muffins

Enjoying the sunny warm weather, but suffering from the allergy season at the same time :(. Hope it goes away soon and get to fully enjoy the beautiful Californian spring!

Lately, I've been into using my cute rose silicone mold.

Isn't it cute? The mini size is perfect for picking one when you feel like snacking with a cup of coffee or tea.

Trying out different ways to bake vegan mini muffins in this mold.  Not using any milk or egg products with adding different types of toppings is pretty fun and interesting :)

The ones in the top photo are with carob, a substitute for chocolate that is made with vegetables that doesn't contain any cafefine. Gift for a friend who has kids with nut, milk, and egg allergy.

The ones on the right are with dried red skin grape and pine nuts. For this one, I even removed the oil from the recipe, so it was a little dry, but after warming it up when eating, it turned out okay. Good for breakfast, too. Gift  for a friend who did me a favor. Thank you :D

I love wrapping  my sweets, and been recycling the baskets came with the strawberries bought at the farmer's market for these rose mini muffins.

After them, I tried them out with raisins, cranberries, etc. Yet haven't settled with the best recipe, it's coming close! 

I'm making a batch of marmalade right now, and hoping to share the story about it next time. Have a nice week everyone :D

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