Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Farmer's market vegetables

 The other day, I went to a farmer's market and bought a few kinds of fresh vegetables. Ones on the photo are yellow cauliflower, celeriac (celery root), kale, and fresh spring onion.

It is always fun to choose which vegetables to pick up at farmer's market :D

Out of those vegetables, my favorite this time was the yellow cauliflower. The lady who was selling them told me that the yellow ones have the most sweet taste out of all the cauliflowers.

To enjoy the fresh taste, I simply steamed it and ate with home made sesame vinegar dressing. It was sweet, and now became one of my favorite veggies.

Also steamed the celeriac and mashed it. Half of them was mixed into mashed potato, and the other half was eaten by itself with a little sauce. It had a slightly bitter taste, but was actually enjoyable, and my husband liked, it too.

When the ingredient is very fresh, you only need to add minimum to enjoy them, and I consider it as a very luxurious way to eat. What do you think everyone? Enjoy your evening :D

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