Monday, April 23, 2012

Kid's character birthday cake

 Hello everyone! I felt a shake from an earthquake today, here in California. It makes me scared, so double checked where our evacuation kit and flash lights are in the house. Always better to be prepared, right?

During the weekend, I made this cake for my friend's daughter's birthday party. The request was to make it a face of her daughter's favorite animation character "Anpan-man". This guy is soooo popular among young kids that it always amazes me.

The birthday plate and miniature "Anpan-man" faces made with extra cookies. 

The cake is a delicate sponge cake filled with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, coated with milk chocolate whipped cream. Since I used the high quality French chocolate for the cream, it tastes good that adults can enjoy even though the look is for the children.

The mini faces and the number plate were placed on the side of the cake. I heard that the cake was a big hit at the party and the two year old birthday girl was very very excited :D

I always feel happy when people gets happy and smiles with the sweets I make. Happy Birthday Kyla :)

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