Monday, April 16, 2012

Lemon megengue tart

 How was your weekend everyone? Mine was calm and peaceful. It rained a few days before the weekend, so the air was refreshing and the sun was shining :)

Our bougeainvillea in the backyard is blooming beautifully and adding great bright color in our life. I love watching outside from my kitchen at this time of the year.

Inside the house, I've decorated our dining table for the spring. Even though Easter has already passed,  still keeping this centerpiece because I enjoy the pastel color in this decoration setting.

The porcelain egg holders are adding the cuteness to the table. Agree? :D

Speaking of spring, citrus is still in season here in California, and since one of my friends gave me some lemon from her friend's backyard, it made me want to make something sweet as a dessert to enjoy its fresh taste.

Lemon merengue tart. Usually, you see lemon merengue pie, but I personally like some texture added to my dessert, and decided to make it a tart instead of a pie. Plated a piece with fresh strawberry and honey sauce. Love the color combination, and the lemon part has a nice fresh flavor from the great lemon.

Now I'm waiting for the strawberries I planted a while ago to be ready to be picked. We should enjoy the spring before the summer arrives. Have a nice week everyone :D

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