Friday, April 13, 2012

Orange Marmalade

Hello everyone :D
I've been wanting to make this year's orange marmalade for a while, but hadn't got the chance because it takes about six days to complete.

Finally got some time to work on it, so pulled out the large stainless steel pot which usually sits in the storage area. Since I had 2kg of oranges, this pot worked so well! 

Then for the final cooking, I replaced the pot to Le Creuset ones because they do such a good job for this type of cooking. 

As you work on making marmalade, almost the whole house gets filled with the lovely orangy aroma, and that made me so happy and excited!

Now they are perfectly jared, some of them will be off to mid-west, to the in-laws. Hope they will enjoy this year's seasonal gift :D 

Bon Apetite!!!

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