Saturday, April 7, 2012

Morning favorites

 On a sunny weekend morning, it is always nice to enjoy the outside dining in the backyard. A little while ago, we had a special friend couple visited us from Canada. Since it was still cold out there, they enjoyed the warm and peaceful time sitting at our outside table.

I always feel amazed how a simple menu turns into a special brunch menu when you eat outside.  It seems to brightens the color on the plates as well :D

Of course on a busy usual morning, I cannot spare time on even cooking some eggs, then the muffins or breads baked and stored in advance comes handy.

This one morning, I warmed up a piece of vegan mini muffin I baked with dried grape and sunflower seeds. The squares on behind is a cheddar cheese with cocoa. Interesting and tasty.

Then my recent favorite is to brew espresso and make a cup of latte. I just use a simple espresso maker that you brew on top of your stove, and make the steamed frothy milk with my new tool.

For only $1.50, this was such a good buy! Perfect way to enjoy your morning and the teatime.

There are more favorite items in my list, and I will share them with you in another time.

Have a nice weekend everyone :D

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